We are a Fabric Importer and Converter who sell to Retailers and manufacturers who can provide a Registered Woven Garment Label
(an ABN will not suffice)

150cm Liquid Spandex

150cm Liquid Flash polyspandex

150cm Rainbow Tiger Nylon Spandex

150cm Mirror Foile Digital Spandex

150cm Foile Digital Spandex

150cm 150cm Matt Finish Digital Spandex

150cm Foile Tiedye Nylon Spandex

150cm Hologram Stars Nylon Spandex

150cm Multifoile Harlequin Nylon Spandex

150cm Holosheen Fog Nylon Spandex

150cm Foile Nylon Spandex - Boho

150cm Hologram Fog Finish Nylon Spandex

150cm Hologram Checkerboard Nylon Spandex

150cm Wildfire


150cm Special Buys - Stripes

150cm Select Range

150cm Fog Finish Spandex


150cm Animal Digital

150cm Cirque - Stripes

150cm Foile Pinspot

150cm Mirror Pinspot

150cm Multi Lips

150cm Funky

150cm Crocodile

150cm Sorbet

150cm Fruit Tingle

150cm Tiedye

150cm Sparks

150cm Iridescent

150cm Linear


150cm Metallic Liquid Polyspandex


150cm Printed Polyester Spandex