We are a Fabric Importer and Converter who sell to Retailers and manufacturers who can provide a Registered Woven Garment Label
(an ABN will not suffice)


150cm Rainbow Sparkle - 2nd Shipment Due January

150cm Sparks Tiedye

150cm Fog Foile Tiedye

150cm Plain Printed Tiedye


150cm Select Range Spandex

150cm Mirror Spot

150cm Mirror Diamond Fog

150cm Iridescent - On Sale!

150cm Extreme - on sale!

150cm Cabaret - On Sale!

150cm Wildfire

150cm Mini Cabaret

150cm Camouflage

150cm Pinspot

150cm Star

150cm Leatherlook

150cm Wetlook - Reduced!

112cm Polyspandex Floral Print - Reduced!

150cm Metallic Cancan - Reduced!

150cm Metallic Liquid Polyspandex - Reduced!

150cm Whirly - Reduced! - Limited Stock

150cm Linear - Reduced! - Limited Stock

150cm Animal Digital - Reduced! - Limited Stock

150cm Coloured Liquid Polyspandex - Reduced! - Limited Stock

150cm Fluoro Wetlook - Reduced!

150cm Jester - Reduced!

150cm Bubbles - Reduced!

150cm Assorted Hawaiian Prints - Reduced!